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A graphical component support, powerful, easy to use, and functions is available for open source Java. Areas of application are diagrams of processes, workflow and BPM display, flowcharts, even traffic or flow of the water is a powerful graphic editor that is completely written in Java programming language. Can be used quickly and effectively create drawings and automatic drawings on a range of different diagrams and networks to apply. Is the graphical representation of FOSS. Several programs in graphic design, Web and interactive graphical user interfaces and supporting tools, libraries, and language links. (Only German version!) Once can not only small drawings and simple flow charts, but also complex and model build computer systems. : the first diagrams of application for Mac OS X creates flow charts, organizational charts, network diagrams, family trees, offers, Project Office – drawings or anything that can be represented by symbols and lines. (“ ”-79.95 which professional standard costs version $ ” “ version $149.95). It is also a powerful software, which is extremely easy to use and contains thousands of graphics for professional brand image that change and create your own. Price: $ 197. Vitaly Friedman Vitaly Friedman likes beautiful content and is not just giving up. Beppe is author, lecturer, author and editor-in-Chief of Smashing Magazine. Responsive Web design, online mindmanager zoom workshops workshops lead and want to solve complex problems in large companies. Come into contact. Does anyone know of a tool like MacSpin from freeware of the 80s? It has permission to insert data in 3d or 4 d points, and then the appearance you could see would be a 3D Rotate or enlarge / shrink. It was great for the display of the data, but ’ t find something similar for Windows or Mac today. Send a reply to Clint % Bluehatsecurity % dot com (replace % if necessary). You should take a look. You are still in private beta ” “ (d. h., who must register and to wait for me a little bit - give a few weeks access to the program online, thanks to fine tests the limits of bandwidth), but apparently the exit takes place in autumn 2008. Bless you!. Does anyone know of a good program to create the site map? I'm trying to get something that is easy to use end. R pen and paper or a whiteboard marker do always work for me. To do this, see the back of the napkin ” “ to learn some skills of Visual thinking. Components Origramy Flash can also be used for data visualization: FlyCharts FlyCharts – for the construction of diagrams and graphics DiagramsOrigramy flash graphics Origramy component – flash component to create diagrams. Does anyone know of a Mac application for BPM modeling? I but only for Windows √Ąther or spirit or design tools cards are up trying. any ideas? Create an excellent tool to schema software ideas Modeler. It is compatible with many types of diagram and ’ is very easy to use. There is also paid versions with more features, but I use the free version of this tool and ’ is enough for me. Smashing book # 5, our new book on the design of real life to meet. Technical front and models of real projects is a guide for the obstacles overcome difficult facets and design. Save 25%. RWD, resolving problems very easy - can you understand why exactly upwards. Mobile Web helps you to understand, effectively work around the technical problems on the mobile and how you with them. .